UK humanitarian aid to Ukraine: video transcript

The UK has given £220 million in humanitarian aid, helping the UN to reach nearly 7 million people in need inside Ukraine.

So far we are delivering:

  • 11 million items of medical supplies
  • 6.8 million doses of medicine
  • 50,000 kilograms of pasta
  • 60,000 tins of corned beef
  • over 80,000 litres of water
  • 10,000 kilograms of rice
  • 9,000 blankets and hygiene kits to refugees in the region
  • 58 ambulances

…and much more besides.

Around 16 million people are in need of humanitarian aid inside Ukraine. 6.5 million people have fled Ukraine and are now refugees.

We are working around the clock, getting aid where it is needed and helping the most vulnerable, especially women and children.

The UK stands with Ukraine.